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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hillary's glass house
But both Democrats are basically the same or so I thought until the last few weeks. I've never had much of a soft spot for Hillary Clinton, she always struck me as being a bit too interested in what was going to advance her career and how things looked rather than how they actually were -- her votes to support military action in Iraq being the obvious example. That said, I still thought she was a smart, capable politician's politician who would do a decent job as president, would do a lot to squelch the rampant sexism that exists in U.S. politics, and would inspire a generation or two of women to succeed and not accept glass ceilings and second-class status.
Having watched her campaign, I'm less keen on her and think she is more likely to be America's Margaret Thatcher. Undoubtedly she would be more than will to go to war to show that "just because she a woman it doesn't mean she isn't tough" much the way George Bush the first invaded Panama to prove he wasn't a wimp.
 "But," I told myself, "at least she wouldn't  be a stooge for the bible thumping bunch"
Well, not to get all conspiracy-theorist on you dear readers, but I was wrong about that too.
She hasn't said much about Obama's former ministers' remarks damning America for its treatment of blacks or McCain's pandering to the worst of the Christian Taliban.  And now I know why.


jj said...

I was suspicious that there might be something like that going on. I am leaning toward Obama now anyway. Something new, that place needs something totally new.

What is with the USA? They're the only place west of the Vatican that has National Prayer Breakfasts. National Prayer Breakfasts? Whaaat? We don't have that here...

do we??

the rev. paperboy said...

Let's hope not!