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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Go watch the speech or read the transcript.

This is a speech that kids will be learning in grade school in twenty years. It may not be "I have a dream" but it is, as they say, close enough for government work.

Anyone who thinks the "Wright controversy" is an actual issue is an idiot to begin with, but Obama has taken this perceived problem and turned it into an opportunity. He is possibly the most eloquent speaker in U.S. politics since Kennedy, including Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan.

Those in the democratic camp who are still splitting hairs and concern trolling about whether Obama is too black or not black enough or not experienced enough need to take a long look at the forest instead of the trees. Those on the Republican side who are still flinging poop and trying to sell the "he's a secret muslim whose crazy radical black preacher hates white people" line of bullshit have just been shown, in a very public way, to be idiots of the first water and quite simply on the wrong side of history.

The Rude Pundit pretty much sums it up. While Sadly, No turns over the rock that is "Free Republic"


Murfyn said...

Yes, watched it twice today, excellent. Also though, I'm reading "War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning", and to those who are high on nationalism, reasonableness and facts and such are irrelevant. I'm looking in your direction, freepers.
What will happen is, it will go right past some people. What would be great is if it raised the bar for everyone. Then we could look back and say "Remember when Obama-san raised the bar for everyone? That was great . . ."

Unknown said...

welcome aboard Monkay, come back and comment often.

David Webb said...

After 8 agonizing years of tortured syntax, it is great to hear someone speak well. Someone who speaks with real passion, and with real intelligence. It makes me a tiny bit hopeful, and I hate everything. Except ukeleles.

Unknown said...

ukeleles are an objectively good thing. Sadly I can no longer find the link to the photos of Ayslum Street Spanker Christina Marrs double necked ukelele, the legendary Las Lindas, but it was pretty cool.