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Friday, March 21, 2008

A little music for the weekend
 Dear metalhead guitar wankers, 
Suck on this:

the horrible interview is by Toni Tennille (as  in the Captain and ...)

In order:
Earl Scruggs Banjo
Glen Duncan Fiddle
Randy Scruggs Acoustic Guitar
Steve Martin Banjo
Vince Gill Telecaster
Marty Stewart Mandolin
Gary Scruggs Harmonica
Albert Lee Red Fender Strat Back To Earl
Schaffer on Piano (Who cares)
Jerry Douglas Dobro Slide
And Harry Stinson on Drums in back.

Steve Martin wrote this, the other banjo players are Tony Trischka and Bela Fleck

Grisman and Garcia


pretty shaved ape said...

gawdamn rev! chet and doc, what the hell can you say? outstanding. mind you what the hell was with vince gill's tone on the letterman clip? he was 'verbed into the strtosphere. and the fiddle player in the steve martin clip, why are there so many beeyootiful ladies that rip it up on the fiddle? sigh

thanks for the treats!

the rev. paperboy said...

yeah, Gill's a great guitar player, but you wouldn't really know it from that clip -- I suppose that's what you get for playing electric guitar in a bluegrass jam session.

oldfatherwilliam said...

That's it! Yer bookmarked for daily.

Gazetteer said...

screw the playing (not really)....

watch the timing.....of chet and doc's foot tappin' especially in the first clip.

And sure....bash Ms. Tenille....but don't forget, she's the one that put 'em on the TeeVee together so that we've got this.

Thanks rev!

(and just like old pa bill, you're probably a daily bookmark for my wife now)

the rev. paperboy said...

so RossK, you're saying that by adding lots of snazzy countrified guitar and snazzy banjo music I've effectively doubled my daily readership?