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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Headlines we wish we could use

The United States Marine Corps -  America's No. 1 fighting force

(sorry, I couldn't help it)



Rev.Paperboy said...

yes, I know, it's a cheap joke about an absolutely disgusting incident. Yes, I could have and possible should have written a far more serious and detailed post about moronic macho culture run amok and how this will inspire another half-dozen suicide bombers etc etc. But you know what would happen if I did that?
A few knuckledragging wingnuts with uniform fetishes would troll on by and insist that by condemning the actions of the these jarhead assholes I was disrespecting all our sacred troops everywhere and must therefore love the Taliban. Which would just annoy me and think even less of humanity than I already do after seeing something like this.
You know what else would happen?
Nothing at all.
Even if I wrote the most brilliantly composed essay in the history of print and it was published on the front of every paper in the free world, nothing would happen.
The aforementioned jarheads would still be heroes to the wingnuts in the 101st Chairborne keyboard commandos. The people in Afghanistan would still be angry or dead. The ignorant savages in uniform would still only get a slap on the wrist for getting caught and embarrassing their commanders.
So screw it, I'm going for the cheap laugh and saving myself the heartache.

Alexis Shabadoo Jr. said...

You made the logical choice. The defense of torture crowd has turned into the defense of murder crowd (see: Lorne Gunter) and is morphing into the defense of desecration mob. All is allowed in defense of the motherland.

Rev.Paperboy said...

I'd say Fatherland is quickly becoming the more appropriate term, Godwin's law be dammed