"Where else would you go when you have an ax to grind?"

Monday, May 28, 2012

Make a little noise

I don't think this is about tuition hikes anymore.


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democommie said...

Dear Mr. Reverend Paperboy (both print and invisible electronsquigglynessjournalism)Kevin, Sir:

Alls I can say is it's a good thing that them folks are primarily nondarkish. If they WAS of the surfeitomelano variety then the Gendarmounties of Kaybek would have to be out in force, quelling the "uprising"!

I am a little concerned about he lyrics to the song being undecipherable. I'm not familiar with that dialect of Kandahoovian.

"Please prove you're not a robot"

it says down below. I did that oncet with some young lady and she CALLED THE COPS!!