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Sunday, May 27, 2012

But the boomers were 'entitled to their entitlements'

Nice piece by John Moore in the National Post on just who is and is not whining about entitlement.

Setting aside the fact that this intergenerational hectoring dates back to Socrates, let us ask: Who exactly is making the charge? Quebec has had low tuition rates for a half century. That means almost every living adult in the province, having already been afforded a plum goodie, is now wagging his finger at the first generation that will be asked to pay the tab. So who really is entitled here?

And a nicer piece on why he wrote it. (link mine)
I wrote the column because for three days in a row I was on radio and television with panels of angry men who make six figure salaries complaining about all these horrible kids and all these awful lazy unemployed people who don't want to move to find work. I am not siding with the students but I just don't want to be one of those men. That same genus grumbled its way through the sixties, indignant about young people who were too selfish to die in Viet Nam. They also spent the 1890s fighting reforms to get kids out of factories and into schools. What was the point of educating them when they were just going to go back to a factory anyway?


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