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Saturday, December 02, 2006

I couldn't agree more if I had written the speech myself
Ken Dryden in the House of Commons addressing the government motion on recognizing Quebec as a nation within a nation.
Somebody please explain to me why he is running 5th in the leadership race at this point and not an overwhelming first. I keep reading all these reports about how his was the best speech at the convention, the polls all said he had the best chance of beating Harper and not one single person in the Liberal Party seems to have a bad thing to say about him. Why is the party trying to decide between a flashy neo-con in Liberal clothing and the most unpopular Ontario premier in recent memory (NB: No provincial premier has ever become PM) when there is a decent, thoughtful, proven, popular and broadly appealing candidate like this?


Anonymous said...

I know.:( I would have loved to see him win. And Dryden is electable -- he's got that Everyman kind of thing going, and some charisma (IMO), especially compared to Harper who has about as much charisma as a toilet brush.

It's depressing

the rev. said...

Harper reminds me of no one more than a guy who was my manager at one of my first jobs as a teenager. It was at Burger King and the guy was about 30 and thought he was a big deal because he was in charge of couple dozen 15 and 16 year olds. He used to read all the self-motivation Tony Robbins Dale Carnegie crap and you just knew from looking in his beady little eyes he had a massive collection of kiddie porn at home and liked to torture stray cats.