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Saturday, December 02, 2006

I, for one, welcome our new Harperite overlords
third ballot results - 5 a.m. over here in Tokyo and this is just too damn depressing.
Dion 1782
Ignatieff 1660
Rae 1385

I guess I'll see everyone back at the leadership convention this time next year after the Harper majority in the Spring. Assuming the War Measures Act hasn't been declared to put down an uprising of Vancouver Canucks fans in Calgary or Mohawks in Ontario or something. Rae was our last chance of beating Harper in the long run. Dion is a fine, smart man and a good cabinet minister, but he won't get vote one west of Toronto unless we get photos of Stevie actually eating a baby. Ignatieff -- phew, the worst that could happen is that he gets elected and moves us a little further to the right in a minority government which then falls to a genuine U.S. style Rethuglican Tory party under Harper.
Neither is very appealing and both favor recognizing Quebec as a nation. Will the last province to leave confederation please turn out the lights?

Who won the Liberal Leadership convention? Rene Levesque and Lucien Bouchard. $%#&#&%'#!


Anonymous said...

That just made my head explode.

Harper will never win a majority. Another minority maybe. I just don't think he's won over enough middle of the road voters... if anything, I'd think he's lost some. The true colours of his party are starting to show -- it's the Reform Party, not the Conservatives -- while that may be okay with the yahoos out west, it doesn't fly in Ontario/Quebec.

There's hope!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are right JJ