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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Jumping the gun
No sooner had I posted the previous entry than I found out that Kennedy is going to back Dion on the third ballot. I think that means Dion will win as a compromise candidate on the fourth ballot, with Rae a close second. Ignatieff or Rae could still conceivable pull it off, but most of their supporters are unlikely to move to the other's camp. Defectors will go to the middle, where the momentum is -- to Dion. Which probably means we had better get used to the Harper government. Of the remaining three, Rae has the best chance of beating Harper, which is why Dryden is backing him. I suppose I probably would too. If enough of Kennedy's people go to Rae (say a third to a half) he could still win, though most of the bloggers on the spot claim there is a strong anti-Rae movement at the convention.


Anonymous said...

I think Stephane Dion can easily beat Stephen Harper. He has the brains and knowledge to eviscerate Harper in any debate. He is fearless in the Trudeau mold and is a man of great integrity. He does'nt have the Ontario baggage that Rae carries and (French) Quebec may say they don't like him, they respect courage and a clear vision. Harper is way to the right of most Quebec voters and I predict he won't get very far in the next election in this province.

My greatest nightmare would be an Iggy win. He is Stephen Harper lite and just too unctuous and pompous for words.

Scout said...

good gawd, my fear is iggy too!!!!!!!

well,, the suspense continues and it will be more then interesting to see the results.

the rev. said...

No question I would rather see Dion than Ignatieff, but I don't think either of them can beat Harper in Ontario or the West and both favor recognition of Quebec as a nation.

the rev. said...

And Iggy is worse than Harper-lite, he is a cleverer Harper with intellectual pretentions and an easy in with the Perle - Wolfowitz - Kissinger crowd. Dion will just be well-meaning and somewhat principled, but ultimately ineffective.

We are screwed.